Riteway Signs Terms and Conditions

  1. Riteway Signs Ltd. hours of operation are 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday. Any phone messages and emails received after 4:00 pm will be returned the next business day. Sign installations / removals are done Tuesday - Saturday on a next day basis provided that orders are received prior to Riteway Signs new cut off time of 12:00 pm. All orders received after the cut off time of 12:00 pm will be completed the following installation date. No sign services are provided on Sunday or Monday.

  2. Every effort is made to provide next day installation/removals on signs ordered prior to cut off time. In the event of poor weather conditions, extreme traffic delays or statutory holidays there may be a delay in service.

  3. Residential and Commercial sign installation rentals are good for a maximum period of 6 months, and after the 6 month period there will be an automatic renewal fee of $40.00. To avoid unnecessary charges, on a regular basis review your sign list and order signs down as needed. Emailed reminders are sent out 2 weeks prior to the renewal being billed. Signs must be ordered down prior to the renewal being applied to avoid the charge. 

  4. If a property is sold and you go online and postdate the removal and if the period extends past the 6 month rental period you will not be billed for the renewal.

  5. It is your responsibility to provide the full accurate information when ordering signs. This includes the full complete address including quadrant, City or Town the sign service is requested for and also any other pertinent details regarding placement such as sprinkler systems. Riteway Signs will not be liable for any type of damage to properties including landscaping, sprinkler lines, artificial turf, fibre optic cables, utilities etc.

  6. It is recommended that Just Listed signs be placed at properties where signs are to be installed. Any bare parcels of land and Rural properties it is required that a just listed sign or marker of some kind be placed where the sign is to be installed and also a clear map with detailed driving directions is to be provided. If the location is not marked prior to the installation and the property cannot be located an additional service charge will apply to go back.

  7. Signs are not allowed to be placed on City of Calgary land or local Municipality lands. If Riteway Signs is asked to place signs and the only place to put the sign is on City or MD land it is understood that you are liable for any fines, impound charges etc.

  8. It is your responsibility to check with condo associations to find out where signs are allowed. In a lot of cases signs are not allowed at all. If you request a sign up and signs are not allowed there will be a service charge billed.

  9. Sign post rentals are for one property only and are not to be moved to other properties by agents. In the event that a sign is moved you will be billed for an additional sign rental. Riteway Signs insurance policy does not cover liability for signs on properties that were not installed by Riteway Signs installers.

  10. If you are using Riteway Signs posts and pegs, the Sign Posts and pegs are Property of Riteway Signs and you are renting our product. You are liable for the post and peg during the rental period and in the event the sign post gets broken, stolen, or vandalized there is a charge of $85.00. Lost sign pegs are subject to a charge of $40.00. If lost or stolen sign posts and pegs are returned back to Riteway Signs within 30 days you will be credited for the amount charged minus a service call charge if Riteway Signs is sent a second time to pick up the post and peg.

  11. If you switch brokerages or leave the business it is your responsibility to contact Riteway Signs within 14 days to pick up your sign inventory. If pick up arrangements are not made within 14 days any and all signs that belong to you may be disposed of and no compensation will be provided for disposed of items. If you leave a brokerage and do not inform Riteway Signs immediately it is understood that all signs installed will be removed. If you terminate sign services with Riteway Signs or Riteway Signs terminates your sign services all current signs installed will be removed immediately and there will be no compensation for installations you have paid for.

  12. All accounts need to be kept up to date at all times. In the event your account becomes overdue Riteway Signs reserves the right to remove all signs on properties and the amount owing remains payable in full. No compensation will be issued for signs removed. If signs need to be installed again full installation rates will apply again.

  13. If you are paying your account by credit card it is your responsibility to inform Riteway Signs of any change in credit card information including expiry date and card number. 

  14. Riteway Signs starts invoicing around the 15th of each month and notifications are emailed to you when your invoice is available to view / download through your online account. Your credit card on file will automatically be processed shortly after your invoice is generated.

  15. A service charge will be billed for moving signs, signs not allowed on properties, and each time a sign requires service for repair or re-installation.

  16. Orders are only accepted online through Riteway Signs Ltd website and inquiries are accepted via email. Please note SMS/text and social media channels are not monitored for customer service requests, as such; orders and inquiries received through social media and text are not accepted and will not be responded to.

  17. It is the responsibility of each brokerage to inform their agents of the terms and conditions of our services. It is understood that realtor permission is implicitly granted to the brokerage to order signs up, down and fixed on the realtor's behalf. Riteway Signs Ltd. is not responsible for any disputes that may result from a failure to communicate these Terms & Conditions to each agent.

  18. Pricing structures will be re-evaluated and increased to keep up with inflation costs at the beginning of each calendar year.

    If you require additional information or prices please contact Riteway Signs Ltd.

    These Terms and Conditions are in effect in order for Riteway Signs to maintain our commitment to excellent, punctual and affordable service and at the same time accurately monitor all aspects of inventory including Riteway Signs posts and pegs and also your sign inventory.